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Drop In Bathtubs A Great Relief For Stress

Drop In Bathtubs A Great Relief For Stress

Drop In Bathtubs

Drop In Bathtubs

 When you are taking a new drop in bathtubs into an existing older home, you will have to consider the size of doorways and other hindrances on the bathtubs course to the bathroom. Like length and width, depth is mainly a concern of personal taste.  A bathtub is a plumbing fixture, specifically situated in the bathroom that is used for bathing or soaking in water. Most present-day drop in bathtubs is made of acrylic or fibreglass, but preferences are obtainable in enamel over steel or cast iron, copper, composites and other materials. Bathtubs outline your bathroom, and assist set the stage for a perfect and soothing bath.

Drop in bathtubs have various types, such as floor mounted sunken bathtubs, deck mounted bathtubs or pedestal mounted bathtubs which look like sinks. These kinds of bathtubs allow us to sit or lie cosy while bathing. In present moment, life and works causing us too much stress which has become a part of our daily lives. Pampering the whole body with a sensual soak into a drop in bathtubs can do the trick of relieving all physical tensions and aches.

Drop in bathtubs are made of standard acrylic sheets and strengthened by fiberglass, so they are tough enough for long time use. Because acrylic sheet is a kind of material to be effortlessly mouldable, they also have the benefits to result in variety of shapes and sizes. It is attainable in the following sizes: square, rectangle, round and oval. Drop in bathtubs are easily to clean, they could cover up the plumbing and make the appearance of the bathroom a fresh and organized.

Some drop in bathtubs models has spare space around the basin. If it’s significant to have your soaps, shampoos or toiletries within easy reach, or you wish for a place to set a candle, for instance, think about a drop in bathtubs with a more munificent deck area.

Drop in bathtubs have over edge and are intended to drop into a deck or custom enfold. Just as their name presents, drop in bathtubs are intended to be dropped in to an existing frames, either into a pedestal or into the floor. One of the benefits of drop in bathtubs is that they can be installed in corners, peninsulas, island and alcove, or can be sunk into the floor. A drop in bathtub is supported from underneath and has a self-rimming edge that is designed to sit over a frame topped with tile or another water-resistant material. Many soaking baths are designed for drop in bathtub installation.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool Bathtubs Bellavista 6042

Selecting the right bathtub for your house could be quite a task when you come across many varieties in the market. Do not get too confused, as you would find bathtubs in different kinds of shapes and sizes. You must measure the space you have in your bathroom and according to the availability of space you can zero in upon which would be the right bath tub for you. The idea is to first decide what will work best for you?

You can go for free standing bathtubs, Whirlpool Bathtubs or built in bathtubs. The free standing bath tubs stand independently and can be placed in your bathroom without fuss. These kinds of bathtubs are best put in larger bathrooms as they take up a lot of space. If you are opting for a free standing bathtub you would most likely design and decorate your bathroom around it. These bathtubs are easily available in modern as well as traditional styles. We tend to believe that these were used only in olden times but the fact is that these are becoming quite popular these days as they are available in chic and stylish designs.

You will have to install the built in bathtubs next to the wall in order to use up maximum space you can even put it in the corner if possible. These bathtubs are worthwhile for smaller bathrooms where you can have the bathtub and yet use less space as compared to the free standing bathtubs. As per the floor area of the bathroom you can order the built in bathtub. There are many choices in terms of color and hence they go perfectly well with your bathroom tiles, sink and WC. Modern homes that are smaller in size are the right place for them rather than the free standing bathtubs as they use less space.

When you add more luxury to any of these bathtubs, you get the whirlpool bathtubs. These bathtubs are more of luxury and are extremely popular amongst home owners who want more than just a bath. This is an ideal upgrade from your regular bathtub as it adds fun and comfort to your bath manifolds. Although these cost a little more than any of the regular bath tubs but it is worth investing in these as they are meant to be enjoyed fully. Your family would love you for giving them this incredible bathing experience everyday. And if there are kids at home, you would have a tough time pulling them out of the whirlpool bathtubs.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot bathtubs are one of the fondest memories of my childhood home. The reason for this is when I was about eight years old, my mom moved into an old house that had one of the most beautiful old clawfoot bathtubs that you have ever seen. It was a great place to relax after a hard day of school with the windows open and a cool breeze blowing on a hot summer’s night. I always thought that it would look really nice painted red.

The one drawback to the clawfoot bathtubs of yesterday was the fact that most had a tiny spigot or faucet that lay very close to the side of the bathtub. This made it very difficult to wash your hair while in the tub, so in those days I usually washed my hair in the sink. The solution to this was a handheld sprayer that you could slip over the faucet opening, the problem we had was that it was hard to find a hand held shower that made a good fit over the tiny faucet opening.

My mom ended up tossing the old tub out to the trash, a fate that many clawfoot bathtubs of the day met. She had no idea that some people would pay a lot of money for clawfoot bathtubs in the day of shabby chic. She just knew that her new shower and tub enclosure made life a lot simpler as my brother grew up. I was long gone from home when the old clawfoot tub was taken out of my childhood home.

New clawfoot bathtubs are much more expensive today than they were in my youth. They have the same vintage look as the old clawfoot bathtubs but they are made for today’s lifestyle of convenience.  Special shower trim is made for clawfoot bathtubs made today so you can still enjoy the vintage look of a bathtub with legs along with a modern shower. Tubs with claw feet give your home a touch of old fashioned elegance.

Special enclosures are made to encircle clawfoot bathtubs with a shower curtain, to prevent the floor from getting wet. They don’t detract from the looks of the tub and they give you privacy in the shower while protecting the floor from excess moisture. The clawfoot bathtubs of today look much like the clawfoot tubs of yesteryear with the modern features that you need for your busy life of today.

KOHLER | K-1123 | Archer 5-Foot Drop in Bathtubs

Drop in Bathtubs K-1123-0


Taking its design cues from traditional Craftsman furniture, the Archer line of baths reveals beveled edges and curved bases for a clean, sophisticated style. This bath offers a low step-over height while allowing for deep, comfortable soaking. A lumbar arch gently support the natural curves of your body.


Comfort Depth® design offers a convenient 19-inch step-over height while retaining the same depth as a standard 21-inch bath.

Molded lumbar support offers extra comfort while bathing.

Slotted overflow allows for deep soaking.

Textured bottom surface

Reversible drain.

Coordinates with other products in the Archer collection.




Tercer Corner Bathtubs

Corner Bathtubs, K-1161-LA-0

Corner Bathtubs, K-1161-LA-0

Tercet® Corner Bathtubs

Create your private escape in this spacious clover-shaped bath. With plenty of room for two, the bath features molded back supports and armrests for an ideal reclining position. The corner design saves space in your bathroom.

  • Features
  • Corner layout minimizes footprint without compromising bathing area.
  • Spacious design accommodates up to two bathers.
  • Molded lumbar supports and armrests offer extra comfort while bathing.
  • Tile flange helps prevent water from seeping behind wall and simplifies installation.
  • Integral apron.
  • Center drain.
  • Material
  • Acrylic
  • Installation
  • Corner

Birthday Bath® Clawfoot Bathtub


Freestanding Bathtub K-100-0

Birthday Bath®

Bring a classic into your bathroom. The elegance of this freestanding clawfoot bathtub commemorates a century of KOHLER plumbing fixtures. The Birthday Bath makes a unique style statement, while strong cast iron construction ensures beauty and performance for years to come. The 6-foot length offers extra room to bathe in comfort.

  • Features
  • Freestanding design creates a striking focal point in your bathing area.
  • Generous 6-foot length provides an incredibly spacious bathing area.
  • Brass claw feet in a choice of finishes (sold separately).
  • Material
  • KOHLER® enameled cast iron.
  • Installation
  • Freestanding

Cast Iron Bathtubs

Cast Iron Bathtubs

Cast Iron Bathtubs K710-S-G9

Iron Works® Historic

This freestanding cast iron bath features ornate ball-and-claw feet for an antique-inspired look, enhanced by the modern comforts of built-in back support and a slip-resistant bottom. The classic curves of the Iron Works bath make it the perfect addition to traditional or Victorian-style bathing areas.

  • Features
  • Traditional freestanding design creates a striking focal point in your bathing area.
  • Oval shape creates a graceful and spacious bathing experience.
  • Molded lumbar support offers extra comfort while bathing.
  • Safeguard® slip-resistant surface on bath floor.
  • Reversible drain.
  • Material
  • KOHLER® enameled cast iron.
  • Installation
  • Freestanding

Antique Bathtub Faucet

Bathtub Faucet

Bathtub Faucet K-110-4-CP



Bring nostalgic charm to your bathroom with Antique faucets and accessories. This Antique bathtub faucet with handshower creates a beautiful bath profile that complements traditional decors. The faucet features elegant, ergonomic lever handles and a diverter spout for added convenience.

  • Features
  • Deck-mount bath faucet
  • Kohler ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity standards two times for a lifetime of durable performance
  • Solid brass construction for durability and reliability
  • KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards over two times
  • Completes Antique™ design solution with KOHLER accessories