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Selecting the right bathtub for your house could be quite a task when you come across many varieties in the market. Do not get too confused, as you would find bathtubs in different kinds of shapes and sizes. You must measure the space you have in your bathroom and according to the availability of space you can zero in upon which would be the right bath tub for you. The idea is to first decide what will work best for you?

You can go for free standing bathtubs, Whirlpool Bathtubs or built in bathtubs. The free standing bath tubs stand independently and can be placed in your bathroom without fuss. These kinds of bathtubs are best put in larger bathrooms as they take up a lot of space. If you are opting for a free standing bathtub you would most likely design and decorate your bathroom around it. These bathtubs are easily available in modern as well as traditional styles. We tend to believe that these were used only in olden times but the fact is that these are becoming quite popular these days as they are available in chic and stylish designs.

You will have to install the built in bathtubs next to the wall in order to use up maximum space you can even put it in the corner if possible. These bathtubs are worthwhile for smaller bathrooms where you can have the bathtub and yet use less space as compared to the free standing bathtubs. As per the floor area of the bathroom you can order the built in bathtub. There are many choices in terms of color and hence they go perfectly well with your bathroom tiles, sink and WC. Modern homes that are smaller in size are the right place for them rather than the free standing bathtubs as they use less space.

When you add more luxury to any of these bathtubs, you get the whirlpool bathtubs. These bathtubs are more of luxury and are extremely popular amongst home owners who want more than just a bath. This is an ideal upgrade from your regular bathtub as it adds fun and comfort to your bath manifolds. Although these cost a little more than any of the regular bath tubs but it is worth investing in these as they are meant to be enjoyed fully. Your family would love you for giving them this incredible bathing experience everyday. And if there are kids at home, you would have a tough time pulling them out of the whirlpool bathtubs.